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III Conference of nursing students of ADEIC
know, lead and transform

Program III Conference of nursing students of ADEIC

Resolution Grants General Scheme
 We inform you that the proposals for the resolution of the General Scheme grants corresponding to this 2017-18 course have been published.

You can check all the information on the AGAUR website: http://agaur.gencat.cat/ca/inici/

Accès per canvi d'estudis universitaris parcials espanyols
Any 2018/19

University orientation meetings
Saló de l'Ensenyament i Saló dels Màsters i Postgraus, Futura

  Each year, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is present with a stand in the Saló de l'Ensenyament and with another in the Saló dels Màsters i Postgraus, Futura, where you can find information about the studies taught in this School.

This year 2018 the Saló de l'Ensenyament will take place from March 14 to 18 and the Saló Futura on March 16 and 17.

Informative sessions Degree in Nursing 2018/19
Sessions informatives grau en Infermeria 2018/19
 Those who are interested in doing their undergraduate studies in this School, and want to attend one of the informative sessions in order to clarify their doubts, may do so in any of the programmed informative sessions and that you can check the following link:

Informative sessions Degree in Nursing 2018/19

Nursing Degree Brochure 2018/19

Future Master's students 2018/19
 Those interested in doing some of the Masters offered by the School for the 2018/19 course, and wanting to attend one of the informative sessions in order to clarify doubts or expand information, can do it in any of the sessions Program information and you can check the following link:

Master's Information Sessions 2018/19

Information brochure masters 2018/19

Foreign academic degrees homologation
Academic Year 2017/18
The tests leading to the successful completion of training requirements for the homologation of foreign academic degrees can be done in UNS - Sant Pau.

You can display information about the administrative formalities and the programmes of the subjects through the following  information sheet.

 According to the new regulations of the Ministry, the records processed and resolved in accordance with RD86 / 1987, dated January 16, would have to have passed the tests at the latest on September 30, 2017..

Application of the anti-smoking law in the enclosure of Sant Pau
Law 42/2010 of November 30 against smoking
The enclosure of Sant Pau is a cultural, universitary, of research and sanitary area.
Respect the non smoking areas and put out the cigarettes in the ashtrays that you will find properly marked in the map.
Why Sant Pau School?
Why Sant Pau School?
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Future Master's students 2018/19
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Informative sessions Degree in Nursing 2018/19
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Location and Contact Info
 Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
 Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Tel.: 93.553.76.93
Fax:  93.553.76.94

Students Information:
Timetable: 11 am to 14.30 pm (Mon-Th)
               & 11 am to 13.30 pm (Friday)
              Except August, Christmas
              Holidays and Easter.

   - On-site:
     At information points of the EUI

   - Telephone Nr.:
     Tel. 93.553.77.77 / 93.553.77.78

   - Email

Matriculation Information:
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Technical Issues:
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